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Kanye West Love Lockdown Sounds Like Nothing Else Ever Made

Kanye West is so pleased by his new material, he described single Love Lockdown as sound as nothing else in history. Writing on his personal blog, the rapper says his last song: IT THAT a triumph A They l love freeze on the radio. When it can not be T sound like anything else ever done in history! THIS AND NEW MUSIC! .
12.12.08 19:31

Concetta Falcone Codding Palin Sticks To 1 Version Of Herself

From here Sarah Palin Gov. And for once, HES right.. But, as Bill Maher recently meditated on Fox News: shes not going to go away too soon. Youd think should have received a message from the media for departing and close the door behind her.
12.12.08 19:31

Pussycat Dolls Want To Collaborate With Britney

The Pussycat Doll want to work with Britney Spear on a new song. Nicole Scherzinger, whose band Spears will support the United States on the leg of his Circus World Tour next year, says the group is eager to cooperate with the star Womanizer on a new track..
12.12.08 19:31

Usher Quot Second Son

The 30-year-old singer and his wife Tamek Foster, 38, welcomed their son all over the world at around 3am on Wednesday (10.12.08). The couple - who have one-year-old Usher Raymond V - have yet to name the new addition to their brood, and have not released their weight at birth.. Usher became a father for the second time.
12.12.08 19:32

Kanye West Stuns With Furious Career Overview

Perhaps it is not Kanye West tl arrogant, egocentric superstar that we all think it is. Surprising intuition that occurred about a half of the Chicago rapper almost non-stop 17-Sept song Tuesday night during the Power 106 Cali Christmas ..
12.12.08 19:32


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